The name Faradarmani (literal translation: meta-therapy) is derived from the holistic perspective called Interuniversalism. This perspective views man's existence as vast and limitless as the universe and not just a pile of meat and bones. According to Interuniversalism, man is a complex internetwork of physique, psyche, mind and numerous other bodies, energy transformers (Chakras), limited and obstructed energy channels (acupuncture), various fields of polarity, bioplasma, cellular consciousness, molecular frequency and a limitless list of other undiscovered layers and parts.

Every part of the human existence is scanned while his whole existence is examined by the Interuniversal Consciousness which then continues to treat the illness according to its own discretion. The dysfunctional or conflicting parts are identified accordingly and prioritized for analysis and treatment by the Interuniversal Consciousness. We can use this method to treat any kind of illness by establishing a link to the Interuniversal Consciousness; thus, the Faratherapist is not permitted to consider any disease 'incurable' because the Interuniversal Consciousness is capable of treating any malady or dysfunction conceivable (or inconceivable).

The Interuniversal Consciousness is a collection of intelligence that governs the universe and is one of the three main elements that make up the world we live in. Since consciousness is neither matter nor energy, means that it is not confined to the dimensions of time and space. Therefore, treatment over long-range and close-range distances is possible, it is not quantifiable or measurable, and as mentioned before, its manifestation is simply felt when various parts of the body are stimulated through the treatment process. With this in mind, it can be safe to assume that no one can attribute its power or influence to themselves.

Contrary to other practices and methods, the process of Faradarmani cannot be attributed to a human factor because it is based on a connection to the Interuniversal Consciousness and the Faratherapist merely plays the role of an intermediary in the process. This connection between the Faratherapist and the patient creates a Halgheh (cycle) of Unity which is linked to a superior consciousness. Therefore, those who are not a part of this process are in fact deprived of its benefits.

The quintessential condition for achieving results from Faradarmani is to be completely impartial during the process, just like a jury witnessing a trial; thus having faith or beliefs do not play a role in the process. With the above explanations, it is evident that Faradarmani does not rely on the skill or energy of the Faratherapist and there is no need to have any special powers or talents because treatment is conducted by a superior consciousness and personal abilities do not play a role in the process. Therefore, the Faratherapist does not face any kind of physical attenuation or exhaustion and does not require to "recharge" in nature or elsewhere. The existence of the Protective Layer provides a protection for the Faratherapist against the radiation of dysfunctional cellular consciousness or negative consciousness, and also from the attack of inorganic creatures and etc.

Another important factor of becoming a Faratherapist is that the individual cannot achieve this privilege through practice or effort. The only way of acquiring this privilege is to acquire the Protective Layer which is endowed after having written the Letter of Oath which binds the user of this service to specific terms that forbid them from abusing these privileges to their own advantage.

In this method, the individual is stripped of any personal abilities and can apply this endowed privilege simply by acquiring the Protective Layer and thus establishing a link for the patient. This is done without the use of any special method by which the Faratherapist can attribute to himself, or any special equipment, concentration, conceptions, mantra, symbols, indoctrination, self-hypnotism and etc.

One of the greatest and possibly the ultimate goal of Faradarmani is to equip mankind with many spiritual capabilities which can lead one through the path of self-discovery and unlock their true potentials. This priceless gift offers the opportunity for mankind to achieve unprecedented levels of personal growth, enlightenment and elucidation with a profound understanding of the universe. Once this is achieved on a personal level, it can lead to the growth of the communal spirit of society which can ease the pain and suffering of mankind. Such a feat will not only untie man from the shackles of his confinement and diseases created by his own erroneous conceptions, it will also be the key to unlock many hidden potentials to help him find his true path through the universe.

Treatment is one of the methods used for helping the therapist and patient achieve the following goals: (1) Understanding and becoming familiar with the practical aspect of divine consciousness (2) Exploiting the hidden potential of the self and achieving the knowledge of perfection (3) Freedom from self-confinement (4) Service to humanity (5)Understanding practical worship Therefore, Faradarmani can have the power to pave the way for spiritual enlightenment and personal growth for the patient. Since physical treatment of an illness is ineffective unless there is real internal change in the individual; therefore, coming into direct contact with the Interuniversal Consciousness can expose these deep-rooted issues and the patient in turn becomes aware of a much higher consciousness, a profound source of truth which can pave the way for personal and spiritual growth. Very Important Note: age, gender, nationality, literacy, education, research, knowledge, spiritual experience, individual talents, skill, diet, exercise, austerity and etc, are useless when working with the Interuniversal Consciousness. This is because this service is a part of the Divine Communal Mercy and is available for everyone without exceptions.